Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agile Transformation Cadence Model Meeting 5: Validate and Refresh Change Canvas


As an agile transformation progresses new learnings will invalidate the content of one or more Minimum Viable Changes. Change agents should work with change stakeholders to continually evaluate and if necessary modify their canvas as appropriate, including any Improvement Experiments being planned or in progress.

One approach is to run monthly sessions with the change recipients group. During this session the canvas can be annotated with colored tabs to denote whether a particular assumption is correct, partially correct or completely incorrect.

The group can then work together to work out what is exactly wrong with the current thinking, and what needs to change.

Finally, the group can work to update the MVC Canvas to reflect the latest learnings. This may include updating the backlog of improvement experiments.

It is very likely that insight which could also modify other aspects of the transformation outside of the scope of this MVC may also be generated, and can be collected for future insights analysis sessions.


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  1. Overall Cadence Model
  2. Change Agent Daily Standup
  3. Change Recipients Improvement Update
  4. Stakeholder/Sponsor Update
  5. Change Agent Planning
  6. MVC Canvas Refresh
  7. Transformation Canvas Refresh
  8. MVC Backlog Replenishment
  9. Metrics Update

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