Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Map of Lean Agile Accelerators I Use

When ever the Deloitte LEAN crew helps our clients delivery business applications we typically reach out for a familiar set of practices, principles and thinking tools.

As a first step towards explaining how Deloitte LEAN approaches delivery I mapped out some of the concepts we tend to fall back on.


  1. Sorry, very petty quibble.

    Why do so many people write it as LEAN? It's not an acronym.

    It's endemic in IBM too, although correctly written (Lean) on all official documentation, the vast majority of emails and non-formally reviewed presentations get it wrong.

  2. In my case LEAN stands for LEAN Extended Agile for eNterprises, Deloitte's agile process amd lean transformation service offering. It's on of those recursive acronyms :)

    Everyone else is just being silly :)