Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Describing Agile as a Set of Process Patterns

A couple of us are Thinkimg about how to visualize our approach to project delivery within the Deloitte LEAN crew (yes people at big consulting forms document their methodologies amd tools, even the guys with a more agile bent).

One universal truth for us is that we have never use the same set of techniques twice. Sure we reuse select practices, but they we always being tweaked, amd something else is always getting mixed in. Experience ranges from RUP, to all mainstream flavours of agile, to Kanban amd Lean, with us just beginning to play with Lean Startup methods.

With that in mind I came up with the following illustration, loosely based on the original GOF patterns diagram at the beginning of the book. All the diagram may seem overwhelming, the beauty of it is that you can start anywhere you want, and likewise stop, depending on your context.


  1. Thanks Jeff for putting together yet another great diagram.

    What's especially great about it is that it blurs the lines between the various agile/lean methodologies.

    Less dogma, more learning.

    Now I'm just not sure whether to make it my desktop or hang it on my wall. ;-)

  2. Jeff thanks for the kind words! I've always approached agile with a building blocks approach, I've never really been given the luxury of using a whole method, not until lately anyway.

    Glad you like the approach...