Monday, August 6, 2012

If it Sucks it Shouldn't Sell

Most Political TV adds go so past the point of pandering, that they insult the uneducated and educated alike. 

Canadians tend to get horrible service from telecommunication companies, bad airline experiences, and unsatisfying medical care. Americans seem to face a similar reality.

Enterprise software seems to universally cause groans of dismay from the people that actually have to use it.

Consultants continue to provide their customers with target states and roadmaps that seem largely divorced from the reality of implementation. Clients continue to ask for more of the same from consultants.

So many aspects of our lives are contrained by a set of choices that are undifferentiated in their lack of ability to cause customer delight. 

Despite the heralded coming of the customer economy, a wealth of products and services are still push based. The provider decides on the thing to be built, and pushes a predetermined experience to the user. Customer feedback is completely mishandled, wether the reason is ignorance or incompetence is anyone's guess.

As consumers, we try to make different choices, but still end up with more of the same. 

Certain organizations, mostly from the tech world, seem to excel at pleasing their customers. These companies focus on the best experience for their customer, and garner political will to chase after the best customer outcome. These companies have faith that profits will come from customer delight, and know that the reverse can never be true.

What is preventing this customer experience revolution from moving faster in the corperate and public sector world?

How do we accelerate the adoption of design thinking, synergistic methods, and the mantra of the modern knowledge worker into places like Health, Banks, Government, and Insurance providers?

If it sucks it shouldn't sell, and we shouldn't buy....

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