Monday, August 19, 2013

Lean Change at Agile 2013

Recently I did a presentation at Agile 2013 based on an experience report of our experiences in running large-scale agile transformations and the solutions we have developed to become more successful at them. Over the  years, our clients have gotten good successes with their agile transformations but we always felt that the approach could be improved. The key challenges we commonly encountered were that taking a plan driven approach to agile change is hard if not impossible due to the unknowns, complexity and variability inherent in organizational change. Instead of choosing to take a predictive approach we decided to be more "agile" for how we do "agile transformations" and borrowed a page out of Lean Startup. Jeff Anderson has been busy building out a set of blog posts on our approach called Lean Change. To help others understand the thinking behind it and the framework at a high-level, here is the presentation from Agile 2013:

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