Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agile Transformation Cadence Model 2: Change Recipient Update

Change agents will need to constantly review the status of a minimum viable change with the change recipients who are involved.
We have had change agents meet once or twice a week for a change recipient update, ran as a kind of stand up. At first this is often run by the change agent with all change recipients in attendance.
This type of update will be run for each minimum viable change that is currently in progress.
Eventually change agents should delegate running the standup to a selected change champion. It's also a good idea to get other chain stakeholders such as management and interested executives to attend at least some of these review sessions.
These sessions can be run in a fashion similar to stand up. Discussions can focus on the progress of improvement experiments, looking at standard impediments and problems such as bottlenecks, blocking items, and change overload, the candidate should also be investigated for any assumptions are turning out to be incorrect. A deeper conversation may also be warranted if a dramatic change in direction, known as the change "pivot" is required.
As mentioned previously, try to place the Change Canvas and associated Improvement Experiments of close to where change recipients are working as possible. If I Kanban system or agile style card wall is in play, then placing these artifacts right next to them to ensure maximum exposure.
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