Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agile Transformation Cadence Model Meeting 6: Transformation Canvas Refresh

I have found it necessary to allocate dedicated time to keep the transformation canvas up-to-date. Again a monthly update seems to strike the right balance of overhead and communication.
As discussed previously, Minimum Viable Change Canvases will be continually refined as a result of running through the Validated Change Lifecycle.
New insights generated from these changes will often reflect the overall transformation model. A dedicated workshop can be set up, following a similar process as the Minimum Viable Change refresh workshop, in this instance we will be looking at the transformation canvas instead. Sections of the canvas can be annotated for correctness, and then workshop members can brainstorm on both root cause and potential modifications that can be made to the canvas.
While we would like our sponsors and stakeholders to be directly involved in this process from the beginning, we have found that sometimes necessary to conduct an initial workshop with change agents and change champions, who then socialize changes with a sponsor/stakeholder group, who then suggests further modifications.
These changes are then communicated out to the rest of the organization, where feedback can be received and incorporated back into the Transformation Canvas.
An excellent way to facilitate this feed back is to place the transformation canvas in a highly visible place to serve not only as an information radiator, but also providing area for all members of the organization to provide insight and feedback.

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  1. Overall Cadence Model
  2. Change Agent Daily Standup
  3. Change Recipients Improvement Update
  4. Stakeholder/Sponsor Update
  5. Change Agent Planning
  6. MVC Canvas Refresh
  7. Transformation Canvas Refresh
  8. MVC Backlog Replenishment
  9. Metrics Update

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