Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agile Transformation Cadence Model Activity 8: Update and Share Metrics

The Lean Change method can result in a variety of metrics, dashboards and charts which reflect a summary of how the transformation is progressing from a number of perspectives. We have found valuable to spend some time aggregating and analyzing this information to both communicate progress as well as generate new insight.
As change agents work with change recipient groups to complete various Minimum Viable Changes data will be generated from both an adoption as well as performance perspective.
Adoption information can be summarized both within and across change recipient scripts through the use of simple capability maps represented using spider charts.
Performance information can likewise be collected for particular change group or across multiple change groups where it makes sense. Performance metrics used will depend on the particular mixture of agile and lean methods selected.
Change agents work with change champions and other stakeholders to review this information, generating insight where appropriate, and communicating this out to stakeholders and other sponsors.
Where possible, we recommend placing this type of information into a well trafficked, public areas of the organization rather than bringing these charts and graphs to specific review sessions within meetings.

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  1. Overall Cadence Model
  2. Change Agent Daily Standup
  3. Change Recipients Improvement Update
  4. Stakeholder/Sponsor Update
  5. Change Agent Planning
  6. MVC Canvas Refresh
  7. Transformation Canvas Refresh
  8. MVC Backlog Replenishment
  9. Metrics Update

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