Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agile Transformation Cadence Model Activity 7: Reprioritizing and Changing the MVC Backlog

As new learnings are generated you will want to refine your backlog of Minimum Viable Changes. You may want to be prioritized the next set of changes you are going to introduce into the organization. You may also want to add or remove changes from your backlog.

Following the insight and analysis process, insights are collected from various sources, grouped into themes, which then generate Key Insights. One or more Key Insights can then be converted into a Change Option.
This Change Option can be evaluated in terms of value and effort, and prioritized accordingly. The Minimum Viable Change is also evaluated how well it fits into the overall transformation model.
When there is capacity to start the next high-priority Change Option it is then introduced as a Minimum Viable Change into the Validated Change Lifecycle.

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  1. Overall Cadence Model
  2. Change Agent Daily Standup
  3. Change Recipients Improvement Update
  4. Stakeholder/Sponsor Update
  5. Change Agent Planning
  6. MVC Canvas Refresh
  7. Transformation Canvas Refresh
  8. MVC Backlog Replenishment
  9. Metrics Update

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